Monday, December 8, 2008

#9 (week) 4 Go animate

GoAnimate enables you to create your own computer animated stories that can be shared with others online. You don't need any specialist animation skills as this site has simple to more advanced features that you can play with to create a multitude of possibilities for customising your animations.

GoAnimate is easy to use. You can create animations, drawing from a library of characters, backgrounds, props, sound effects and music for use in creating their own unique animations. You can customise your animations with a number of tools and features that allow them to create truly unique works of expression.

You can link your animation to Flickr, Facebook, My Space, Delicious, send an email or embed it in your blog. Take a look at some of the animations I found, or find your own.

Discovery resources

You could use Go Animate to address issues such as losing books to our younger customers or you could run click and learn classes, run a competition and get youth to create their own animations. Check out some cool animations I found by other librarians.

Discovery exercise

  1. Watch the Go Animate demo located on the home page.

  2. Sign up and create an animation with at least three scenes using word balloons and movements and embed the link to your animation on your Blog.

  3. Write a Post for week four and comment about Animoto and Go Animate. Tell us how you can use these two web 2.0 tools at your site or on the ACL website? Also tell us what you did.... was it easy.... was it hard... was it fun to do...... when would you use this.... and what types of customers do you think would find this fun etc

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