Monday, December 8, 2008

#4 (week 2) Genealogy

We are going to take a look at two web 2.0 sites that you could recommend to customers to help them construct their family tree, add information about family history, share photos and calendars.....and it is really easy to do.

What makes it so easy is that you can email relatives and ask them to complete the information in your family tree on your behalf. You can even find out which celebrity you resemble, create a celebrity morph, find out who your child resembles and much more!

Discovery resources

The Auckland Research Centre has has an extensive collection for family history resources. The ACL website also has the Kintalk blog and offers guidelines and tips to help customers begin researching their family history. Following are some web 2.0 sites that customers could use to create their own family trees:

Discovery exercises

  1. Sign up and take a look around both My Heritage and Geni. Remember it is ok to use the same username and password throughout this programme. Please do not download the family tree builder in My Heritage as it will change your computer settings and you need to raise a Logit to fix it.

  2. Choose the discovery resources you like best and create a family tree with at least 6 relatives. It is ok if they are ficticious.

  3. Click on Embed to insert your Geni family tree into the sidebar of your blog (don't forget to click the small box "sidebar). If you chose to use My Heritage, cut and paste the URL address somewhere in your blog.

  4. Write a post about your experience in approximately 50 words. Reflect on which site you liked best and why, tell us what you you could use this site in your role....will you recommend this to customers?....what surprised you....and what amazed you etc.

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