Monday, December 8, 2008

#8 (week 4) Animoto

Get those creative juices flowing by creating your own professional video clips online using Animoto. This could be useful for librarians delivering community outreach presentations to promote library services, marketing events or click and learn classes where customers get to make their own videos - I think this would be great fun for all ages.

Animoto is the brain child of producers from ABC, Comedy Central and MTV who definitely know their stuff. Animoto analyses your images and the music you use and pieces everything together to where it all flows perfectly in sync. If you don't like how your video turns out you can click the Remix this Video button and have Animoto automatically change it up for you or tweak it yourself. No two video clips come out the same which makes for hours of fun.


Here is an example of one I did earlier to promote this program. If you want a clip longer than 30 seconds it will cost. But, you can make as many 30 second clips as you want for free.

Discovery exercise:

  1. Create an account on Animoto.

  2. Take a look around and tell us what you found and suggest ways which Animoto could be used at the library

Optional discovery exercise

  1. Create a 30 second clip or Animoto Short, by uploading at least six pictures. (Note there should be no more than 10 pictures for a 30 second video)

  2. Choose from one of the songs in Animoto's music library or upload your own music file to go with your clip.

  3. Embed your new 30 second clip onto your blog. There is a special code just for Blogger that you can use.

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