Monday, December 8, 2008

#7 (week 3) Bookjetty

If you participated in the last web 2.0 program you may remember looking at LibraryThing which has become so popular that it now charges if you have over 200 books. There are other similar sites that you can use to catalogue your own library, list books you want to own or read or review books. Such sites include Booktagger, Shelfari and Goodreads. Several applications are also available on Facebook, such as iread and Visual Bookshelf.

In Thing 7, we are going to focus on Singapore-based Bookjetty. People can catalogue their own books and list things they are reading, have read or want. You can review books, tag them, rate them and add a widget to your blog.

But here’s the difference: if you want an item, you can be linked to Amazon to purchase it AND you can search library catalogues! There are links to over 300 library catalogues worldwide. The search there gives you the call number, and a quick click on that takes you to the library catalogue where you can see if the item is available and reserve it! How cool is that!

Discovery exercise

1. Set up a free account with Bookjetty and take a look around.

2. Catalogue a minimum of five books making some of them books wanted, some books read etc and embed a link on your Blog.

3. Write a Post for week three on your Blog, tell us about your experience with using Litlovers, Authors on the Web and Bookjetty. Tell us what you liked..... disliked..... whether you found this tool useful and would recommend these sites to customers.

Optional extra discovery exercises

  1. Create a widget located in your profile and install on your blog so that you (and others) have access.
  2. Find other libraries in New Zealand and also try finding bookshelves of other library colleagues.

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