Sunday, December 7, 2008

#6 (week 3) Authors on the Web

Reader's advisory tools are great to assist customers in finding a book by their favourite author, title or genre or suggesting a new title. Web 2.0 functionalities make it easy for our tech-savvy customers to keep up to date with new releases by setting up RSS feeds to their favourite author, checking out the ACL website books and authors database or following the Books in the city blog.

For thing 6 we are going to take a look at

This site is useful for people looking for the next book by their favourite author or someone looking for new authors. It has a “Coming Attractions” feature that lists the new and upcoming books by month, and dates of paperback publication.

Discovery resources

You can link to the AuthorYellowPages to get the web address of almost any author you can think of. and AuthorYellowPages are put together by, which also created, an online community for reading groups, and, a great place to get to know more about your favourite authors, as well as several other reading-related sites.

Discovery exercise:
  1. Visit Authors of the Web and at least one other site in the discovery resources above and take a look around.

  2. Embed a link to your favourite site on your Blog and tell us what you found.

Optional discovery exercise

  1. Visit the remaining discovery resources and take a look around.

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