Sunday, December 7, 2008

#5 (Week 3) Litlovers

ACL has a number of bookclubs for adults, teens and kids at various locations. One of the hardest parts of coordinating or being involved in a book club is deciding what books to read and finding the resources to back up the choices.

For this thing, we take a look at Litlovers which can help to makes those decisions about what to read a bit easier. Litlovers is an online community dedicated to books and book clubs. Here’s how they describe theselves:

"An online community dedicated to books and book clubs—because both enrich our lives. We've got great resources to enhance your book club experience. Whether you're selecting books, or thinking & talking about them, LitLovers is the place to come. What can you do on LitLovers? What can't you do! Find a book. Find a review. Find a discussion guide. Take a course. Whip up a recipe (to match your book, of course)! There's so much to do—and so much fun—you won't want to leave"

The site is divided into four main areas:

and there is also a site for LitKids, where you can find ideas for starting bookclubs for school kids and toddlers. This could be a great idea for those of you building relationships with schools in your area.

Discovery exercise

  1. Explore the Litlovers site.

  2. Think of a book that would be a good one to discuss in a book club. Check out the Litlovers site for resources about the title and tell us what you found.

Optional discovery exercise

  1. Check out LitCourses and complete at least one that appeals to you. What course did you do, and do you think customers will find this of benefit?

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Ana said...

I found "The Book Thief" which I think is a good book to discuss because it is about an interesting subject, with the heroine overcoming many odds and surviving in those circumstances.