Sunday, December 7, 2008

#3 (week 1) Register your blog with the administrator

We hope you are enjoying the adventure so far and having fun. If you get stuck you can always ask a colleague who participated in our last program or someone that is finding this easy to do.

Once your manager has approved your registration, the next step is to register your blog with the administrator s0 team so we can verify and track your progress. We will comment on your blogs within 48 hours and update the tracking log every day at 1pm so you can watch your progress.

Discovery resources

Take a look at some of these discovery resources to see how other librarians are using blogs to communicate to staff and customers. Can you think of useful ways to use blogs in your role?

Discovery exercise:

  1. Find the URL address on your blog located in the same place as the example below. Copy the address by clicking once on the URL address with the right hand button of the mouse. The URL is the unique address that specifies the location of a file on the Internet. URL is an abbreviation of "Uniform Resource Locator"

  2. Send an email to and make sure to include your
    * real name (this is kept confidential)
    * location
    * blogger name
    * and paste the URL blog address
  3. Don't forget you need to create a Post on your Blog. For those participating in this programme for the first time, you will have done this as part of thing 2. If you are resurrecting your blog, tell us in approximately 50 words, if you are still using your blog, what it took to find it....did old memories come flooding back etc. As with the last program you will be asked to do this each week and the ACL learning admin team will check your blog when new posts appear and post comments on your progress.

That's it for week one. <:)

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Ana said...

I participated in the Web 2.0 Programme last year and I enjoyed it, so I am resurrecting my blog. This year there are some different activities so I hope I'll enjoy it as much.