Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#10 (week 5) Social networks

You may remember that during the last program we visited some social networking sites such as Facebook and Delicious. Librarians worldwide are using Delicious to keep up to date with library best practise by bookmarking websites and sharing their Delicious account with colleagues and customers. Check out the ACL working team Delicious accounts which are located in the development plan on the training and development wiki.

For Thing 10 we are going to look at the other social bookmarking sites located on the ACL website. You can find them by choosing a recommended list and scrolling down the page until you find these icons:
The idea is that customers embed a link of their favourite recommended list to their Delicious, Facebook or social network internet account and provides computer users another entrance into the library website.

Discovery resources

  • The second icon is Digg: Digg is a user driven social content website. Everything on Digg is user-submitted. After you submit content, other people read your submission and “Digg” what they like best. If your story receives enough Diggs, it’s promoted to the front page for other visitors to see. Digg is a great way to find useful content that you wouldn't come across in traditional ways.

  • Reddit, is similar to Digg. Reddit has a simple interface and little advertising. Many users love this simplicity.

  • StumbleUpon discovers websites based on your interests. When users stumble, they see pages which friends and like-minded stumblers have recommended. People who are passionate about StumbleUpon say they like it because of the surprise factor in what they see next, and the fact that the product has such a high hit rate in delivering interesting new content.

  • Newsvine is an instant reflection of what the world is talking about at any given moment.a social news where people can intelligently discuss news stories from mainstream USA sources. Users can write articles, seed links to external content, and discuss news items submitted by both users and professional journalists.

    Discovery exercise
  1. Explore at least two of the discovery resources and sign up to at least one.

  2. Comment on at least two stories and tell us about them.

Optional discovery exercise

1. Check out the rest of the discovery resources.

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